Turnkey Furniture Contractors

What We Do -

We are a multifaceted professional team who shall engage in the manufacturing of furniture as per the designing done by an interior designer.

Our work shall include project management, supply and execution of the design limited to furniture.

Thus taking all accountability which makes us liable for the quality  of designed furniture and completion of the project. 

This liability gives the client  peace of mind. 

You also  does not have to go through the stressful process of worrying about the  pressure of making manufacturing decisions, selecting the material, choosing  the right brands etc. 

We also have an access to fully functional pannel processing work shop where we manufacture custom made modular furniture.

We have a separate specialization in supply an execution of Doors & door frames for large residential projects.

We undertake all such projects only on with material basis.


Our Team Strength

We have a team of 5 who together coordinate and supervise work and Association with over 70+ Sub contracted carpenters and finishers who work year round on our various projects across Pune, and mange over 100+ vendors for our material sourcing. 

A separate team outsourced takes care of all the modular furniture manufacturing.

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